How to Find the Best SEO Consultants

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If you want potential clients to know that you or your website exist online, your website should appear on the first page of the search results of Yahoo, Google or Bing. It does not suffice that you get to develop a beautiful website and interesting web content, if you don’t have any traffic to your site. As callous as it may seem, better engine visibility allows you to boost visits to your site thus enhancing awareness of your product or brand and thereby increasing sales and profits. However, if you do not possess the technical expertise for the job or just don’t have the time for it, you are better off hiring SEO Consultants, who can do the job for you.

websiteIt is the job of SEO Consultants to make your website visible on the best search engine online by adopting some strategies, incorporating some changes or enhancements in your website, to make it more visible online. Nevertheless, there are numerous SEO Consultants out there who will work for you if you allow them to.

If you want to get the best results for the money you pay to do the job, you should ensure that you only get to hire with the following in mind:

You should only hire a consultant who is willing to share their list of past and present clients with you. Even if these clients are not that willing to divulge other information, they will be more than happy to assure you of the consultant’s accomplishments with their particular project. Through interviewing the people on the list, you will be able to ascertain if the one you are hiring is really good or if they actually work on an SEO job. Our company is more than willing to share our list of clients with you, to assure you that we are indeed as competent and result-oriented especially when SEO projects are concerned.


It is also important that the consultant you will hire will give you details on how to improve your website’s search engine ranking. If you opt to hire us, we will detail the strategies we will undertake to improve your site’s visibility online. We will also conduct an initial assessment of your site to determine what the factors that maybe hindering your online visibility. Depending on the factors, we might completely remove them from your site or modify them to better work with existing data and strategies to maximize resources. We will also provide you with off-page tactics to enable you to optimize search engine ranking by boosting awareness of your site through other websites by utilizing the use of social media platforms, press conference and blogs.

Our consulting company adheres to the webmaster’s guidelines on search engine optimization. We strictly follow the rules and avoid committing the most common SEO pitfalls. We don’t want to compromise your site and condemn it to the backstage in search engine ranking or worse, getting banned from the search engine altogether.

We know that most businesses would like to be ranked #1 across the net, continent or the world. However, most small-time businesses are established locally and thus benefits more if they get to be visible locally too. We can do that for you by geo targeting — attaching your location (city and state) to your website’s title tags and meta-descriptions. This way, if someone in the same city inputs keywords related to their business, their site will definitely show up in the local listing.

search_engine_rankingsAs much as our clients would like to hear the words that they can get to be the #1 in rank in Bing, Google or Yahoo, we don’t make such bogus guarantees to our clients. Even if that is possible for us to do, we are the kind of SEO Consultants who will not give you such guarantee because the internet is a dynamic place where everything can change in a blink of an eye.

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How To Shop For Premium Silicone Bracelets Online

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With access to fast and reliable online ordering systems, buyers now enjoy custom silicone bracelets with advanced designs. The easy-to-navigate and secure platforms in fact help people when choosing top quality products that meet their exact needs and expectations. Through the help of an industry-leading wristband company that offers sophisticated products, it is now easier to find premium wristbands at more affordable costs.

To allow people in building, previewing, and ordering personalized silicone bracelets, manufacturers are driven to provide convenient platforms for placing bulk orders online.Whether customers are using their mobile device or their computer, it is effortless to make purchases for high quality armlets with specialized designs. Be sure to choose a reliable wristband company in the country to enjoy greater savings and topnotch buying experience.

Why Silicone Wristlets?

The products are ready to be delivered, with sufficient stocks to meet customer’s demands across the globe. International shipping is available to support the needs of the retailers from other parts of the world. In fact, the main objective is to provide adequate supply to those who want to buy and resell these bracelets. This is essentially a great opportunity for people who are looking for a lucrative business in 2016.

Rubber-braceletsCustomers are free to order stock silicone armlets or they can choose personalized designs to suit their specific requirements. For those who are interested in promoting a drug-free lifestyle, these custom bracelets are the best solution. With specially-labeled wristbands, people can easily raise awareness regarding their advocacies. By using these unique items, they can simply send out the message they want the public to know in the most convenient way possible.

There are multiple options to choose from including ready-to-ship, in-stock, and discounted ordering for personalized armlets.To more details visit services offered by wristband companies are Fedex air transport, rush production, and pantone color matching without mold or setup fees. With quality and satisfaction guarantees, customers are ensured to get ultimate approval after receiving their orders.

How to Order Online

Order and design online through the help of these tailored platforms for ordering wristbands. With artwork proof and free quotes, interested buyers can take advantage of convenient delivery in a timely fashion. In addition, they will also be provided with exclusive offers and special promos for regular deals. Silicone bracelets include color-filled armlets, embossed wristbands, and debossed bracelets.

Also, customers can choose from other available features such as engraved dual-color bands, 1-inch wristbands, ¾-inch bands, segmented armlets, swirled bands, finger bands, micro armlets, keychain wristbands, and even silk-screened bracelets. With a reputable wristband factory, people can benefit from top quality products that last longer than other items currently offered in the market.

By choosing a trusted supplier of silicone wristbands, rest assured that quality and quantity is always prioritized for long term use. Being a simple yet efficient way in promoting and publicizing a team, club, organization, or charity group, wristbands make it more affordable to achieve campaign objectives in no time. In fact, this is widely used by various companies around the world when it comes to promoting products and services they presently offer.

Timeless Beauty and Functionality

Through the years, wristbands have become a premium item in raising public awareness while achieving various organizational goals. The world, since then, has actually witnessed stable growth in custom silicone armlets with customized features and designs. Marketing groups as well as fundraisers take advantage of these products to effectively promote their advocacies and campaigns.

Hence, for those who are planning to implement public awareness and movements, this is one great strategy to get results. After all, those wearing the bracelets are essentially bringing the message to various places, indirectly informing others about it. However, this product is not only for promotional activities, as they are also used when celebrating or protecting something. It significantly increases the awareness of people regarding a certain topic, while they easily identify its purpose.

To help you understand the advantages of using wristbands, here are some of the essential benefits people get in using it:

Customized without character limit for armlet designs

Pantone color matches for free on every order

Top quality, medical-grade silicone material

Non-rush orders get Fedex air transport for free

24-hour turnaround time for selected bands

No minimum orders for color-coated and debossed wristbands

These are only some of the perks you will get once you decide to integrate silicone armlets into your organizational campaigns. If you simply want to achieve results, you need to consider the power of these wristbands when it comes to information dissemination and public awareness. If you’re searching for the best marketing strategies, you will never go wrong in choosing personalized wristband as your campaign material. Just make sure that you are working with a highly-regarded company that provides world-class wristbands in terms of quality and affordability.

Get ready for your next campaign and don’t forget to use silicone bracelets to send your message!

Creation With The Power Of Light

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In order to complete the creation of a PCB, one must etch the circuit on the copper board. One such method involves using UV light.This PCB fabrication method is good for making more complex circuit layouts.

First, one must prepare the UV light box or UV machine to be used. There are UV light boxes that can be purchased but if one wishes to make it instead, the materials needed are several LED lights, a box that is about one foot in height, a transparent plastic or glass to keep the transparency paper elevated, a material to hold the LED lights with, and its power supply. After the light box is done, it is now time to draw the schematic of the board.

There are several software packages available for use in drawing board schematics and can be used in different PCB fabrication methods.

Simply use any of them and once the schematic is done, print it using a laser printer on a transparent sheet. In order to avoid confusion, one may set the image to a mirrored one before printing it out. Once the schematic is printed, place it on the copper side of the board. Put the board in the light box with the printed side facing up and turn the lights on.

pcb_assemblyIf one is using a custom made light box, take note of the distance of the lights from the PCB; otherwise, there’s no need to worry about it. If the lights are too close, the radiation may not distribute evenly throughout the PCB. Some UV machines have their own timer but if the UV machine being used doesn’t have one, then one can just manually time it at around fifteen to twenty minutes before turning it off.

When the UV exposure is finished, remove the PCB from the UV machine or UV light box then put the PCB in what is called a developer solution. It is a chemical solution often used in PCB fabrication; it will wash away the photo resist put in the PCB earlier. Still, be careful not to leave the PCB in the solution for too long because the solution can remove the photo resist completely, including the drawn schematic.

The advised time to put the PCB in the solution is about five to ten seconds only. After that time, one must immediately put the PCB in cold water to stop the solution from removing the rest of the photo resist. Do note that the solution can still be used for multiple PCBs. Also, observe caution when using the solution; wear protective gloves and goggles during this process. This part, however, can be avoided if one is able to purchase what is called a photorevelator compatible with the photo resist used in the PCB.

One can use the photorevelator in place of the developer solution then rinse the PCB with distilled water. After this process is done, it is time to etch away the unwanted copper by using acid. Mix one part muriatic acid with two parts of hydrogen peroxide, put the PCB in the solution, and wait for the copper to be etched away. This usually takes around two minutes.

After the etching, it is time to remove the photo resist from the PCB. In order to do so, one must use a cotton swab dipped in acetone. With it, one has to carefully wipe off the photo resist from the PCB. When the photo resist is removed, the PCB can then be populated with its components. Take note that in using this PCB fabrication method, several attempts might be necessary before success is achieved.

Finding the Right Fit for Golf Putters

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Golf putters are important in your play and in lowering your overall scores. Furthermore, finding the right fit for your putting needs is equally important. What are the factors you have to consider? First, you need to know the specifications of your putter club. These specifications affect your stroke and putting style. Second, you decide which procedures to choose for the fitting of your club.

The Putter Specifications

These specifications refer to the weight, grip, lie angle, length, and loft. You must evaluate each to come up with best possible results. Among the five specifications, the most important matters to consider are the lie angle, length, and loft degrees. Though weight and grips are equally essential, they are the least of your priorities in deciding.

Lie Angle

Lie angle is the distance between the center of the shaft and the sole when you are holding the putter at your normal putting stance. A good angle should promote a good putting posture and eyes- to-the-ball position. A good putting posture refers to the completion of a pendulum effect of your swing.

Shaft Length

In most cases, golfers possess golf putters that are either too short or too long for them. Incorrect length results to bad swings and inaccuracy.

Golf PuttersA putter that is too long for you means you have to bend your elbow and cramp them up near your body. You even have to stand farther away from the position of the golf ball. On the other hand, too short golf putters mean you have to bend over and get closer to the ball to execute a putting stance. This posture adds pressure to your back and your eye contact with the ball is beyond.

Therefore, your club fitter must consider your height and the length of your arms. When holding the putter at a normal stance, the handle must have an inch left above your gripping hands.


The loft measurements are in degrees. It refers to the angle that the club head creates between its face and the ground. Normally, a putter angle is around 2 to 4 degrees but do not exceed the 10 degrees threshold. A proper loft is essential so the ball glides smoothly across the green and into the hole.

For example, in a fast green, your putter has to have a lower loft while in a slow green your loft should have a higher loft. However, putters must not have too high of a loft. Otherwise, too high loft creates a bouncing effect to the ball, which causes missing the hole.

Putter head weight

Most putter heads weigh around 330 to 350 grams. There are times that you also have to adjust the weight of your putter head in relation to the increase or decrease of your shaft length. Some trainers would recommend that when you decrease the shaft length, you have to increase the weight. This is to balance the decrease of the length and the weight head.


Most golf putters have non-circular grip though the grip is more of preferential difference among players. You may choose a wider grip or a smaller grip, depending in your putting style and comfort. So long as you manage to accomplish a pendulum swing, grips are the least important factors in choosing your putter.

In finding the right putter fit for you, you have two options: club fitter customization or alterations with standard golf putters. In customizing your putter, you may choose from two fitting system. One is through your online golf store or the self-help system. The other is through dynamic fitting with a club fitter.

Whichever you choose, remember one thing. Putter fitting does not correct bad posture and swing. The overall improvement does not depend on your putter alone.

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Golf putters may vary in clubhead style and length and it may have the traditional blade, the mallet clubhead, or the heel-toe clubhead. Rockbottomgolf has the collection of perfect golf putter for you.

The Basic Things about Custom Patches

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Custom patches have been used for so long to remember special events and relay messages or depict lifestyles and themes. Often, people are hesitant on ordering patches because they are not aware of their various aspects. This article will help you with the things you need to know about patches.


The costs of the patches can be determined depending on the amount of time for them to be created, which boils down to their size. Bigger patches will cost higher than smaller ones. If you want to keep the price down, choose small patches that fit just right for you.

Coverage Amounts for Embroidery

Custom PatchesThe price of custom patches is based on the size of the area to be stitched. The patch will be cheaper if there is more of the background material that can be seen around the stitched design. If a patch is entirely covered in stitching and no background material is showing, it is considered as 100% embroidered. The patch will then have a smoother texture since the embroidered design is not raised from the twill. More people prefer this, but the price is a bit higher than patches that have lesser coverage.

Types of Patches

The standard embroidered patch is the most common, but there are other various types of patches.

• Woven Patches – best for simple designs or images. Since it is woven, it normally has a smooth texture instead one that is raised

• Chenille Patches – these custom patches use high loops of thread. Patches on varsity clothing usually use this style. Compared to other types, Chenille patches contain less detail. Usually, their designs look like mascots, shapes of countries, and other shapes. They can also resemble letters, numbers, or words.

• Printed Patches – designs are printed on twill fabric using ink. They are not prone to fading and you can easily dry-clean or wash them. You can best create photographic images using this type of patch. Some designs have too many details on them, so you cannot create them in thread, but you can copy the image by printing. Compared to embroidered patches, the printed ones are often cheaper and can be done more quickly.

• Name Patches – you can commonly see name patches on uniforms of professionals for the purpose of identification. For instance, a traditional gas station attendant uniform – the industrial look, blue-collared shirt – would have a name patch. You can create them by sewing on patch “blanks.”


Custom patches have various types of backing, including:

• Standard Backing – patches that have this type of backing will be sewn onto the clothing. Most of the time, when people say that they want a patch, they refer to embroidered patches that come with standard backing.

Custom Patch• Tape Backing – this is also called adhesive or “peel-and-stick” tape. This has glue on the back with paper that you can peel off when you want to use the patch. This type of backing can be used on events where patches are only meant to be temporary. You can remove the patches and sew them somewhere else later. Normally, tape backing cannot endure laundering.

• Heat Seal Backing – you can also opt for iron on patches that use heat seal backing. You need to be cautious with this type of backing because they are done using an industrial heat press that applies heat and pressure. You might not succeed in applying patches on your own because this does not use the standard iron that can be seen at home.

• Velcro backing – military uniforms would often have custom patches with this type of backing. Aside from two-sided Velcro backing, the other type is hook-sided Velcro backing.

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The Way to Get Challenge Coins

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Challenge coins are said to be a tribute, and there are distinctive ways on how to get them, as these coins do not merely come from anywhere but are being presented to people who are distinguished as exceptionally outstanding. They are received as a sign of a person’s service or loyalty to the organization, ready to sacrifice and confront challenges as a sign of his allegiance to the group. But how can anyone take possession of a challenge coin?

First, challenge coins can be inherited from an older relative, such as a parent, a grandparent, or an uncle who has served the military in the past times. This is actually the easiest way to get a challenge coin, as it only takes a person to seek for those who have served the military during his or her time. Both retired and currently serving men of the military usually have possession of at least one challenge coin in their life span, and they usually keep it as it symbolizes their identity and their membership with the group. They take it as something that is precious and should therefore be kept at all costs. Thus, it is usual for former members of the military or other organizations to keep their challenge coin with them until decades after.

Second, challenge coins can be received by joining an organization that may or may not be under the military sector. Nowadays, challenge coins are not just used in the military but also in other organizations that desire to have a medallion of emblem with them. They want something that would characterize their membership and their identification, thus, encouraging them to have a challenge coin for each of their members. However, not every organization actually has a challenge coin, and it is best to inquire first whether that group is certified to produce with them a medallion that signifies their emblem. For best results, people should join an organization that highlights their personal interests instead, as challenge coins only represent the membership and will not ensure the success of both service and the membership.Challenge CoinsThird, challenge coins can be accessed by participating in events that are held by a coin collector’s organization. These coin collectors have all the coins that people may want to acquire, with a variety of shapes and designs to choose from, and all it takes is to merely attend their ceremony or their group meetings and events. Many organizations of the coin collectors usually give away medallions to those who are one with them and their events. There are even those who would trade their medallions in exchange of another medallion, especially in exchange of one that is more valuable, in terms of the material used in molding the coin.

Fourthly, challenge coins can be bought and traded. There are coin collectors around the metropolitan that are willing to sell their coins to those who are willing to buy or trade their coins. Either the coin is exchanged for cash, or they are exchanged for another coin. However, as many of the challenge coin are usually made of expensive material, it is best if the buyer knows well about the material that is used in the coin, as well as the prices of that material. Otherwise, they may end up losing much once their high-value coins are exchanged with another coin that is of low-value. There are stores that sell these coins, and they are one of the easiest methods on how to take possession of a challenge coin. They are simply bought and procured.

Meanwhile, the last alternative is to actually join the military army, and receive a more distinguished, valuable coin by serving the country. In this way, the true meaning and worth of the challenge coin is being presented, as it is used to denote both loyalty and service to all.

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8 Advantages of Purchasing a Steel Storage Container

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In the past, storage containers were only used by large companies that require much needed space for storage, or by shipping and delivery companies that need to be able to transport items in large amounts and sizes. Now, however, it is no longer uncommon for these portable containers to be used for both retail and residential purposes.

There are a lot of reasons why buying a metal storage container is a good deal, and these are because of the several advantages that it features.

1. Flexible

Metal storage containers can be used in a number of different ways. It is perfect for shipping and delivery. It can also be easily converted into a work place, a storage area, a workshop, and even a house.

2. Sturdy

Storage containerBecause of their sturdiness, metal storage containers are the excellent choice for shipping and deliveries. Their form allows them to be stacked over each other. This is very important in platforms and delivery backyards, as well as on board vessels, where it is critical to save as much area as possible. These containers are also the most durable when compared to storage containers made from other materials (plastic, wood, etc.).

3. Waterproof

Another good feature of a metal storage container is its stay-dry attribute. This is very important for storing items in an area where weather changes is an issue. This is also a very useful feature for transporting items overseas. The flooring of these storage containers are made of sea-quality plywood to make sure that they do not corrode to the brine in the seawater.

4. Rust Resistant

Some people worry about choosing metal containers thinking that the metal might easily rust. This shouldn’t be a problem because most companies already manufacture their metal storage containers to be rust resistant, and the fact that they have the stay-dry feature also helps ensure this.

5. Fire Resistant

One more main advantage of metal storage containers is the fact that these storage containers are constructed from highly durable materials that are fire proof. This is ideal for those who intend to use them in an area where unpredictable wildfires may occur. This is also good for those who wish to safeguard their possessions in case the unthinkable happens.

6. Thief Resistant

Metal storage containers are made of hard metal panels that are very hard to destroy, making them practically safe from any attempts at burglary. Most storage containers also have doors that have incorporate additional sophisticated security features into their locking systems. This is very ideal especially if you intend to stash away very important and valuable items inside the storage container.

7. Portable

Like most other storage containers, metal containers are also portable. This doesn’t only make it ideal for shipping, but also for those who are always on the go but need storage space for large items they need to bring along.

8. Cost Effective in the Long Term

Because they are more durable, metal containers prove to be more cost-effective in the long run even though they may cost more money upfront when compared to plastic or wooden storage containers. The cost of maintenance is lower because there is very little need to spend on repairs or up-keeping for a metal storage container. The fact that they are highly durable also gives you the option to purchase second-hand metal containers and still be assured that your container remains to be in good quality.

Because of the many advantages of a metal storage container, it is quite difficult to think of anything it can’t be used for insofar as storage containers are concerned.

Why Invest on a Garden City NY Real Estate?

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A Garden City NY real estate is a good investment. It does not matter if you have a home in Manhattan or somewhere in busy, downtown New York City already. Adding another property to the list of those you already own can do wonders to your high credit score and more.

The tip here is to invest on a real estate property in Garden City, New York that is within your budget. While your credit score is considered high which entitles you to home loans and while you have a stable income, invest on a new real estate property.

You may need to have this property as backup should you think that it is time you moved in with your family. This property will be maintained properly under your care and instructions. The repairs that it needs will likely be minimal then.

real estateAn additional property to your list of personal assets can add to your overall net worth and increase your credit score, too. This entitles you to more loans which are not limited to home loans alone. Just make sure that you do not abuse the privilege given to you by your high credit rating through getting loans here and there. You’ll later find you’ll be in so much debt if that is the case.

Now, if this is the effect on your worth that you would like to achieve then it is a good idea to add a Garden City NY real estate property to the list of things you own.

Are you confused about which of the many real estate properties in Garden City, New York to buy? Determine your budget first. If you can afford a luxury home, then why not go for the best at 3,000,000 US dollars or more. A mid-priced luxury home would be affordable from 1,000,000 US dollars to 2,000,000 US dollars however.

Real estate properties are a good investment. It can be handed to the next generation in your family should they need a place to live. Properties are known to last generations and this is why there are families that would rather invest on this than on other things that have expiry dates.

The value of these properties you invest on will rise over time. If you’d bought your new property at 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 US dollars today, the cost of the newly acquired property will be double or triple that in the next 10 years or so.

Having an additional property can do wonders to an individual or a couple. If you are having doubts as to whether or not to invest on a Garden City NY real estate property, perhaps it is high time that you invested on one.

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Content Writers: Are They Really Necessary?

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The internet is a great place to drum up business, but it’s a cut throat world. Everyone wants to be on top of search engine rankings. This is because most people who surf the internet tend to click on the first link they see when searching for a particular keyword and this means that if your website ends up on page 2 or higher in the search engine results, there is little to no chance for your website to get noticed. This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes in play.

Content writersIn the past, many SEO techniques involved cheating the system in order for websites – no matter how useless they really are – to reach the top of the search engine result pages. Unfortunately for those who employed these types of techniques, search engines have updated and continuously update their systems in order for others to get a fair shake. They have adjusted their algorithms to prioritize sites with useful content rather than keyword-stuffed copy that makes no sense. This is where content writers come into the picture.

What Does a Content Writer Do?

Content writers provide websites with content that is relevant to their business. These could be in the form of informative articles, write ups about the company as well as its products and services, or blog posts that their target audience may find helpful. The way they write is different from people who write for print media. This is because they need to make sure that their work is easy to read and understand as their target audience tends to skim and scan articles instead of reading them thoroughly from beginning to end. With that being said, their work should be concise and straight to the point in order to keep their readers attention. If that isn’t tricky enough, they also need to incorporate simple, yet effective SEO techniques such as using the appropriate keywords in the text and make it look natural in the process.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Content Writer for My Website?

Many business and website owners insist on taking the Do-It-Yourself approach when it comes to online marketing. Writing copy for one’s own website does have its advantages. First of all, you won’t need to pay someone to write your content for you, and second, you have full control of what goes on your website and what doesn’t. Unfortunately for many, this job can be quite overwhelming as it takes up a considerable amount of man hours just to come up with a single well-worded article to post on a website or blog. The time spent writing web content could be of better use elsewhere in the business. Hiring a professional writer to do the job for you may cost you at first, but it is definitely money well spent.

Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Content writers already have considerable knowledge of proper SEO techniques and are able to adapt their work to your needs. This, coupled with their knack for the written word will help broaden your audience and reach more people in the process.

2. They are trained to write in such a way that readers won’t have a hard time understanding what you are trying to say. They don’t add too many unnecessary details or fluff to the content they are writing, making them easy to read and understand.

3. They can write about a variety of topics and you can expect well-researched articles as a result. They are also able to break down highly technical ideas and make them easier for your target audience to understand.

4. Having someone write your content for you frees up a lot of your valuable time. Since search engines seem to prefer websites and blogs that are updated frequently, having a writer create content for you on a regular basis not only saves you time, but money as well.

5. Aside from just providing you with articles, a web content service provider can also give you more value for your money by creating articles and content specifically for many of the major article submission sites with backlinks to your website.

Although these articles won’t appear on your site, people who read them will know that they can get more information on your website just by clicking on the link they provide. This expands your audience base and drives more traffic to your website or blog.

Unless you’re a skilled writer yourself, it’s not advisable to go the DIY route when trying to fill your website with valuable, search engine friendly content. Paying for articles isn’t such a bad thing if you consider all of the benefits you can get from it. Not only do you get well-written articles and content, but you also get everything else that you need in order to raise your rankings on search engine result pages and much, much more.

Content writers and content writing services are definitely a valuable resource especially for those who are just starting out in the online marketing world. They basically do all the grunt work while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Qualities of a Motivational Speaker That You Should NOT Have!

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You may have experienced this once or twice but there are just those motivational speakers that have put you “off the mood” while listening to their speeches. The message might be inspiring and genuine but you might feel that the one delivering is not. Below are some qualities that aspiring motivational speakers should avoid emulating:

Too self-absorbed

Sometimes it is not their fault, some speakers are just too enthusiastic about the topic that they sound like bragging when making examples about themselves and their experiences. To avoid doing this, relate the experience to the audience, to their everyday lives. A good tactic used by some motivational speakers is to relate their own experiences to the audience by telling it as the story of another person, and then reveal later that the example is actually them. A speaker must be genuine so as to not look like they are just humble-bragging. Avoid, as much as possible the repetitive use of the pronoun me and I as it would look like that you only have the intention to impress rather than to educate and help.

Tells too many stories

Motivational SpeakerStories are important to relate feelings and appeal to the audience’s emotion. One or two stories are good. Anything in excess is irritating. People want to hear more content and less stories (especially if the stories are always about the speaker himself/herself.)

Not researching about the audience

No matter how flawless the material is, it will not have an impact if it is delivered to the wrong audience. This is where knowing the audience is critical. Speeches should not be one-size-fits-all; it should be tailored to the audience’s needs and capacity. In fact, the audience can really appreciate the effort of researching about them; it makes them feel that they are important to the speaker. For example, if you will be giving speeches to dentists, know that dismissing them as mere “secondary’s” to physicians and simplifying their scope of work to just extractions, fillings and cleaning will surely offend them. Dentists, for example, like to be treated the way they should be treated – specialized doctors of the mouth who do not just extract, fill and clean teeth, they can also do minor surgeries, make mouth and face prosthetics, align teeth and put surgical implants.

Too many gimmicks and activities

Some members of the audience may just be coerced to be there (especially for company workshops). You should never assume that all of those who are in the venue are actually there to listen to you speak. It is important to always think that there will be people that have some pressing issues and obligations to attend to so you should not waste their time or make them expend too much energy through activities such as constantly making them stand-up and shake hands with the person at the back. Only include activities and ice-breakers that are absolutely necessary for the topic.

Too preachy and emotional

Most people do not like being told how they should live their life. Only make suggestions rather than proposing absolute solutions that would sound as if the audience will burn in hell or will be missing half of their life if they don’t do it. Motivational speakers who are too emotional can drive away some members of the audience. Appealing to the emotions of people can indeed bring out change but remember to balance it with facts and some scientific basis. Remember that emotions and intellect make the two halves of being a human being. You have to stimulate both.


People will appreciate you more if you present both the negative and positive sides of a topic or your material. This shows them that you actually and thoroughly know your way around the topic. Seasoned motivational speakers also present solutions or counter-arguments to the negative side of their material as this can also serve to deter heckling tendencies of skeptics and cynics.

Too many clichés

If you have speaking engagements with older people, company executives or long-term employees then chances are these people have heard too many motivational speeches already and are tired of them. The reason that they may have hired you is because they want fresh and new material. Do not fail them. Once people feel that they have nothing to learn from you, they will not be open to whatever ideas that you have.

The Motivational Speaker provides an inspiring and uplifting program usually built around powerful stories, often personal experiences of the speaker.

What Logo Lanyards Can Do for You and Your Company

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Lanyards are used to hold common items such as identification badges, cameras, key cards, flash drives, MP3 players and pens. When they were first made, they were intended to hold swords and pistols. As they were useful then, they are still very useful now. So useful, in fact, that they have become a staple piece for office and school uniforms.

Here are some reasons why the use of logo lanyards has become so widely held:

1.They facilitate easy identification for access and security purposes. Lanyards have long neck straps that not only can hold identification tags in a conspicuous way. Aside from that, the long straps allow for easy access to whatever is needed; for example, the employee need not take the lanyard off his neck to swipe his access card or use his key.

2.They promote a sense of belonging.  When students all wear an ID lanyard that has their school logo, they have a keen sense of uniformity and solidarity. They know that they belong to the same school and they fit in.

Logo LanyardsIt is the same with a company where employees feel that they really belong to the company when they wear their lanyards. Even if the company does not have a prescribed uniform for its employees, the lanyards establish a certain sense of connection among peers.

3.They strengthen brand consistency among employees inside the office.

4.They encourage employees to follow the company policy of wearing IDs. Some employees hate the idea of wearing IDs as the cards oftentimes get in the way. But with uniquely designed lanyards, not only do IDs become more wearable, but office uniforms can also be more fashionable.

5.They are a good promotional tool when seen outside of the office. When the design of logo lanyards appeals to the employees, they will not hesitate using it even outside company premises. Likewise, when lanyards are made of sturdy materials, employees will use them for holding everyday things such as keys. And as they are utilized in common activities or purposes, it can attract other people’s attention. When people see them, your brand is being promoted for free. People are being made aware of your company, what you sell and do. Your employees unconsciously become sales agents. It is like putting your company effectively on the public map – at no cost.

6.They are good conversation starters. Logo lanyards that are unique in design can be quite catchy and may cause a conversation to ensue. Good conversations and communication promote employee productivity.

7.They are a very practical means to promote your products or services. Compared to printed advertisements like brochures and flyers, lanyards are very inexpensive.

Envisioning the lanyards outside of company premises can be a nice kick start to designing good and efficient logo lanyards. What design will attract people? What material is more durable? What kind of printing will last? Just as convenience and usefulness inside the office is considered when preparing corporate lanyards for staff use, inadvertent marketing should also be taken into account. Remember that it can be used outside of the company just as it is required to be used inside.

Creativity is vital to branding and promotions and logo lanyards can be used as a branding tool when the right methods are utilized. Create a strong logo design and have it printed on high-quality lanyard material instead of going for plain black neck straps. Use the company colors for the lanyard straps and print the website URL or the corporate tagline. Make sure it is something that people will want to wear. Many are the benefits of using lanyards and companies would do well to take advantage of these simple yet very effective contraptions.

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